We firmly believe in proof of concept through University studies and real world applications to clearly demonstrate the positive impacts PrimeraOne® APEX-10™ offers users. Below you can read summaries of those studies and some examples of first hand testimonials of APEX-10™ at work for operations just like yours.


- APEX-10™ promotes higher levels of chlorophyll in plant tissue at reduced rates of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
- APEX-10™ treated plots had higher levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the leaf tissue.

- APEX-10™ promotes significantly better drought tolerance and post-drought recovery when compared to turf not treated with APEX-10™.
- Turf quality of both bluegrass and bent grass improve to a far greater degree during times of water deficit due to increase in root & shoot production of APEX-10™ treated plots.

- When treated with APEX-10™, bent grass under 30% reduced fertility and limited irrigation maintained higher nitrogen and phosphorus levels in its leaves, resulting in higher chlorophyll content. This also indicated uninterrupted metabolic performance with continued photo and root respiration.
- APEX-10™ produced healthier turf grass which was then better able to withstand common abiotic stresses such as heat and drought.

- Following 3.5 weeks of drought conditions, bent grass treated with APEX-10™ retained much higher visual quality, less wilting, sustained growth and sustained function when compared to the control.
- Results confirmed great photochemical efficiency, a greater ability to grow and maintain root mass and greater antioxidant activity during drought stress.

- Tiller density, root mass, and root strength increased.
- APEX-10™ will provide the resources to overcome the two limiting factors of newly sodded fields: a playable surface & stable footing.

- APEX-10™ is a quick colonizing resource for fungi, bacteria, and protozoa growth.
- In the presence of APEX-10™, microorganisms in the soil are retaining higher levels of nutrients and nitrogen.

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