Testimonials & Case Studies


We applied APEX-10 for the first time to our Kentucky Blue/Ryegrass Minor League Baseball Field after a considerable stressful stretch of games in August. We aerated, over seeded with rye grass and applied APEX -10. Within seven days the turf had recovered and was looking and playing great just in time for our 2012 playoff run. I intend to fully incorporate APEX-10 into my foliar spray program for the upcoming 2013 season.
— Chris Walsh, Head Groundskeeper, Akron Rubberducks- Minor League Baseball Team, Akron, OH

When I got to Silverhorn Golf Club in Oklahoma City it was already summer, I could see the greens on the course had not been cared for very well. The fertility regiment was inconsistent at best and poorly designed. With the stressful time of the season just upon us beginning in June, I was dropped right into the middle of the action. We began applying APEX-10 every week at .75oz per thousand square feet. Within a couple of weeks the color started improving and the greens began to toughen up to the stress and were able to hold up longer during the day in 90-100 degree sustained temperatures. There is no doubt APEX-10 assisted our program by helping us solve some of the problems we faced, especially with stress and quality. To further compliment those benefits, APEX-10 acted as a great tool for laying a good agronomic ground work for the rest of the season and for what we will do next season as well.
— Chris Sorrell, Superintendent, Silverhorn Golf Club, Oklahoma City

We have been using APEX-10 since the fall of 2011 on the district’s sports fields. APEX-10 has added root mass to the rye, fescue and bluegrass cultivars like nothing we have ever seen. Since applying APEX-10 we have not had a divot or a tear out from an athlete’s stopping or cutting. This durability makes for safer fields which can be more frequently used and more easily maintained due to the turf’s ability to recover.
— Pat Hoynes, Maintenance, Orange City Schools, Cleveland, OH

When we started using APEX-10™, we immediately saw positive results. We noticed early on that we could start to reduce our fertilizer needs. We also started cutting back our water usage, which ended up being the biggest plus for us because by the end of the season we had recorded the hottest, driest summer on record. Our golfers always asked us how we kept our greens and tees in great shape through that heat and stress. We told them countless hours of hard work, but we knew the truth. APEX-10™ was the only change we made from the year before, and the improvement in the turf was remarkable.

Being a public golf course, money is always a concern, but APEX-10™ easily fit into our budget and by the end of the season we were ahead of the game due to the cutback in fertilizer, water and the labor costs to apply them.
— Pat Worley, Owner/Operator, Fox Run Golf Course, Waterford, PA

APEX-10 truly provides us an added benefit, for our customers helping them be more effective at managing a healthy stand of turf and providing a better playing surface, while reducing inputs.
— Robert Windsheimer, Jr., Vice President, Walker Supply, Pittsburgh, PA

APEX-10 has proven to help the turf on our tee boxes during stressful periods. The tees outperformed those that were not treated with APEX-10. I look forward to expanding its use to our greens.
— Chris Sorrell, Superintendent, Eagles Ridge Golf Club, Pittsburg, PA

At Green Velvet, we were able to reduce our sod production cycle to a 12 month cycle without the use of netting, instead of the average 18 months. This is about as good as it can be done in the MidWest. With demand on the rise, not only were we able to bring higher quality sod to the market sooner, I anticipate we’ll be able to produce 3 sod cycles in the same amount of time we would have produced two sod cycles without APEX-10. The product far exceeded my expectations.
— Randy Tischer, Owner, Green Velvet Sod Farms, Bellbrook, OH

At Medina Sod Farm we applied PrimeraOne APEX-10 to 70 acres of our Kentucky Bluegrass fields. Our typical growth cycle before APEX-10 was 18-24 months; now we can turn our fields in 10-12 months. Additionally, we noticed the turfgrass utilized fertilizer more efficiently, and we were able to reduce the amount of irrigation. We also saw increased stress tolerance and recovery, especially in the peat soil portion of our fields, giving us peace of mind. We were so pleased with the results we are increasing APEX-10’s application to 100 acres this year.
— Scott Gregoire, Owner/Operator, Medina Sod Farms, Orrville, OH