Testimonials & Case Studies


At Green Velvet, we were able to reduce our sod production cycle to a 12 month cycle without the use of netting, instead of the average 18 months. This is about as good as it can be done in the MidWest. With demand on the rise, not only were we able to bring higher quality sod to the market sooner, I anticipate we’ll be able to produce 3 sod cycles in the same amount of time we would have produced two sod cycles without APEX-10. The product far exceeded my expectations.
— Randy Tischer, Owner, Green Velvet Sod Farms, Bellbrook, OH

At Medina Sod Farm we applied PrimeraOne APEX-10 to 70 acres of our Kentucky Bluegrass fields. Our typical growth cycle before APEX-10 was 18-24 months; now we can turn our fields in 10-12 months. Additionally, we noticed the turfgrass utilized fertilizer more efficiently, and we were able to reduce the amount of irrigation. We also saw increased stress tolerance and recovery, especially in the peat soil portion of our fields, giving us peace of mind. We were so pleased with the results we are increasing APEX-10’s application to 100 acres this year.
— Scott Gregoire, Owner/Operator, Medina Sod Farms, Orrville, OH